gonna reassert this because somehow i still get followers and asks and shit 

i dont use tumblr anymore (this is where i am 99% of the time)

fb: ask

in other news i leave for school in like 2 weeks catch me in boston son

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in like 5 months im gonna be going to school in boston life is fucked i hope some of the people that follow me are tryina chill

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if you didnt see this yesterday im selling a lot of stuff help me buy sick hats

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since i stopped posting here the only notes ive gotten are from that hirs song and that weekend nachos song and people who go back and reblog really old pictures of me 

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hey buds as you may be aware i dont really post here anymore but im tryina sell some stuff help your boy out

rules: paypal only (cover paypal fees or send as a gift), prices don’t include shipping, don’t keep me waiting for payment forever or i’ll sell it to the next person, contiguous united states only, no trade offers

feel free to ask about record colors and conditions and shit, it’s not a problem

hit me up here or on facebook or twitter or irl if you know me

12”s: each is $8, buy 3 for $20


Ceremony-Still Nothing Moves You

Dogknight Orchid Comp


We Were Skeletons-Blame and Aging


7”s: Each is $4, buy 3 for $10

Nations Afire-The uprising


Abolition/Hang the Bastard split

Child Meadow-Rad

Get to the Chopper/Orphan Donor split

Olehole-Tigon split

I Fail-Highways (This is a 10”, $6)

Aperature…-these gardens shall fail


Spook Houses (crewneck, large) $10

TWIABP (crewneck, large) $10

Raein (T-shirt, fits like a big medium or small large) $8 (i don’t have two of these i forgot i had taken a picture of it already)

CTTS (T-shirt, large) $8

Things fall apart (t-shirt, large) $8

Ipod Nano 5th gen 8gb: ~$45

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this woman should not have been talkin shit


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Soft Skin by Sex Prisoner

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i didn’t go to school today and they cancelled tomorrow (fuck snow by the way i’m essentially gonna miss toasted plastic/smoother/our daily fix cause of it) so i’m just gonna watch speedruns and play tony hawks underground all weekend

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This was the best Winter Classic yet.

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i want a friend with benefits (dental and medical insurance, 401k retirement plan, etc.)

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