WHAT UP. Here’s my top 10 albums that weren’t released in 2012, but I got into during 2012.
(In no particular order)

#1. Barrow-Being without
Solid melodic hardcore album. Has some screamo-ish parts to it. Fucking cool album.

#2. innards-Cool out, mthrfkr
This album has just a cool vibe to it. It’s really just great. I’m going to listen to it right now actually I like it so much.
Dear innards: Put this on vinyl so I can have sex with it.

#3. Listener-Wooden Heart
I got into Listener through this live performance of “I don’t want to live forever” and since then really enjoyed the entirety of Wooden Heart. My jacket, that I wear like 75% of the time I go outside, has a Listener backpatch. Represent.

#4. William Bonney-Good Vibes
I like the entire branch of midwest emo bands that William Bonney is a part of. Saw them in the summer too. Was cool. This is one of my favorite albums and I was really excited when I saw they were putting it on vinyl.

#5. Old Gray-Demo
I like Old Gray a lot. Their demo is probably my favorite collection of songs from them. I saw them twice (In one weekend actually) during the summer. Was a cool weekend.

#6. Spook Houses-The Home EP
Good album. Local dudes (Ridgewood, NJ). I’m not sure how I’ve managed to not see them at a show yet. Anyway, this album is really good. I suggest it to everybody.

#7. Merchant Ships-For Cameron
This album is really rad. Was (And still is) one of my favorite albums I’ve listened to in the past few years. I feel like most of you who follow me have at least listened to it once or twice, but go revisit it. It’s cool.

#8. Isaïah-Ils consomment, tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas
Belgium hardcore/screamo. That on it’s own is fucking cool sounding. This album is great though. I like to revisit it as much as possible. Honestly not sure how to explain it. Uh, go listen to it or something.

#9. …who calls so loud?-Self Titled
…who calls so loud branches off from iwrotehaikus. Because of that, along with the fact that this album is great, I like them a lot. Everybody should listen to this at least once I think.

#10. Toasted Plastic-Ares Vallis
Local dudes. Cool emo/twinkle stuff I guess. I saw them in a driveway over the summer and went to a house show at their drummer’s house a week or two ago. They’re gnar. Their new stuff is really good too.

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