Hey dudes. Ever wanted to know my #6-15 favorite albums that were released this year (In no particular order)? YOU’RE IN LUCK, NERD.

#6: I’m Dead to Me-Self Titled
Now, this band kind of has an unfair advantage because a member of it (Thom) is one of my best friends. But I was genuinely impressed at how great this album is. It’s just rad emoviolence and I’m excited for them to release shit in 2013.

#7: Cerce-Tour Sampler
Although it’s just a sampler, I vividly remember listening to this album pretty often while I was in school. If they were to ever put this sampler on vinyl, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.

#8: I Kill Giants-We Could Live in The Exact Same Place
Cool album. Although it’s pretty short, it makes up for that with quality over quantity, or some shit like that. All the songs are really memorable and flow nicely. I Kill Giants is one of the few bands I’m really trying to see.

#9: Loma Prieta- I.V. (Four)
This was my first Loma album and since then I’ve grown pretty fond of Loma. 

#10: The Saddest Landscape-After The Lights
This was my first TSL album. Really fond of it. This album has some good memories.
Bonus points for being the first album I ever bought on vinyl.

#11: Havah-Settimana
I believe Havah has members of Raein, but don’t quote me on that. This is just a really nice, mellow album. Also it’s in Italian. And Italian sounds pretty.

#12: Alta-Places
I saw Alta in Thom’s backyard over the summer, and unfortunately didn’t know them at the time. When I heard “Ocean liners” though, I knew I was going to like them. Great album, unique sounds, it’s just fucking cool.

#13: Slipdiver-We’re Still Here and We’re Still Doing Just Fine
I think I was introduced to this album as a joke. Because let’s be honest, the beginning of the first song sounds pretty goofy. But once you get halfway past that first song, you start hearing those familiar sounds of emo bands that you hopefully like. This album is pretty fun, it’s kind of goofy lyrically at times but at others it’s fucking sweet. All hail gang chants and crycore.

#14: DNF-Hurt
This was one of my first powerviolence albums that I really got into. It’s pretty short, but once again it packs a punch. It’s fast paced and overall enjoyable. I suggest it to anybody ever who has ears/some system of hearing.

#15: Coping-Nope.
This is a really fun album that is just nice background music for me. I’m really into the first song above all, but there’s some others within this album that I like as well.

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